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The Mabank Nursing Home is celebrating 55 years of service in the long-term care business. The nursing home was established in 1963 by Burton and Thelma Hall. They opened the home for one resident and it began to grow from there.

Burton and Thelma’s children, Carl Lee, Buster and Vivian, all three had their part in making Mabank Nursing Home the thriving facility it is today. Their leadership through the years was passed down to their children, several still operating the home now.

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What Our Clients Say

  • My husband is being cared for at the Mabank Nursing Home.  I am very pleased with the care he receives for all of his needs with kindness.

  • Since the inception of the Hall Nursing Home which is referred to now as the Mabank Nursing Home, I have had many family members and friends who have been cared for there by loving, caring, capable staff. My mother spent 4 1/2 years at the Mabank Nursing Home.  She could no longer live at home as she needed specific care her family found they could not provide.  She considered the staff her family and they quickly dubbed her as "Granny".  I trusted the care of my mother to the folks there and am thankful that they are continuing what Mr. & Mrs. hall started - T.L.C for those in need.    

  • I cannot tell you how special this place is. The workers join together like a fine oiled machine to bring joy and happiness to those who live here. The owners and head offices are like family and do their best to accommodate the families who need a place to help them out. They are all made to feel welcome and loved. The nurses are fantastic and the atmosphere is so home like. If I ever need to be put somewhere, I have told my children it better be Mabank Nursing Home. Cause I, personally, deserve the best.

  • This place saved my uncles life! Best care and most wonderful people you will ever find! Thank you!

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