The Mabank Nursing Home is celebrating 55 years of service in the long-term care business. The nursing home was established in 1963 by Burton and Thelma Hall. They opened the home for one resident and it began to grow from there.

Burton and Thelma’s children, Carl Lee, Buster and Vivian, all three had their part in making Mabank Nursing Home the thriving facility it is today. Their leadership through the years was passed down to their children, several still operating the home now.

Cathy (Assistant Administrator) and Gaylene (Activity Director) are the daughters of the late Carl Lee and current co-owner Nadine Hall. Sandra Mixon (Medical Records) is the daughter of the late Buster Hall.

Not only is the third generation still an active part of Mabank Nursing Home, but a fourth has begun its bout in leadership as well. Amanda Cline, Gaylene’s daughter, is the Administrator and Brad Smith, Cathy’s Son, is the co-owner of the nursing home.

With so many members of the family being involved with the ins and outs, Mabank Nursing Home is not just a job for the Hall generations; it’s a way of life. That sense of home, family and dedication is what makes this facility the next best thing from home.

Mission Statement

Mabank Nursing Home is a place where care and nurturing meet professional health care service.  We are committed to the responsibility of promoting resident independence and supporting their rights.  A secure, dignified environment is an essential aspect of the quality of care we strive to provide.

Vision Statement

The Vision of Mabank Nursing Home is to create a safe, comfortable environment that continually shows respect and compassion to our residents.